Dr. Krishna Bhatta writes a Chintan Forum on Bhagwad Gita and has authored a book on Samskars

Krishna Bhatta, MD, FRCS(driving)

Gita is life affirmative; it teaches you to live life as it is, and face all the imperfections it has inherent in it. Realization of the ultimate is possible without leaving life. Krishna would like you to be at ease in all situations of life, be it in a boat on an ocean or a tank in a battle.

I am from Ara, Bihar in India. I did M.B.B.S.and M.S. in Surgery from Patna Medical College and then went to U.K. where I got my FRCS from London and Edinburgh. I came to USA in 1988 and spent four years at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I practice Urology in Skowhegan, Maine. My wife Nayantara (Lekha) is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist and I have two children Nivedita and Amit. Nivedita is a doctor who started Urology Residency this year and my son is a medical student.

I have been interested in meditation for a long time. My father remembered Gita by heart and loved to follow it. May be, I developed my interests in Gita then. I love our scriptures including Upanishads. They are a source of positive energy. All you have to do is try living it. Let us try to explore what is there, what is there in Mantras, what is there in puja and the lot. Let Gita descend in our lives.