closing the digital divide?

Posted by: aryan3

closing the digital divide? - 06/19/04 03:02 AM

Do you believe that computers and the internet will enable a leveling of the gap between India's rich and poor, or is it creating a bigger gap between the rich and the poor?

Use examples whenever possible.
Posted by: abcdhinduz

Re: closing the digital divide? - 06/19/04 01:59 PM

JAY: IT can cause a deeper divide actually, UNLESS THE GOVT OF YOURS MAKE IT A RULE TO SELL ALL COMPUTERS AT RS.100.00 OR SO.

If people can't afford to buy computers, how are they going to use them?

How much does a computer cost in India today? And for 1B people how many computers do you think India can manufacture fast and make it available to all people? leave alone training them to use or make sure there is electric power supply or proper housing present there so that they can even plug in a computer first into a power socket!

So first things first. Infrastructure devt for all people. Which means, Indian govt has to hurry up and build toilets for all people in all villages first. Remove hurdles in giving out loans to manufacture and promote consumer goods first, so that all people will have better roads, schools, hospitals, housing, transportation etc. first..this has to be done way before they educate them w VEDAS or talk about puranas there!

Otherwise, only a few handful of people will use computers mainly for chatting (LOL:) and nothing gets done for dalits or for poverty ridden groups!

I am just sharing my comments here.
Posted by: aryan3

Re: closing the digital divide? - 07/01/04 09:20 PM

Alhtough there is no doubt that developing nations have poor telephone and electricity infrastructure, these problems are being solved. Some Internet cafes in India are powered by stored solar electricity. The link to the internet is a high-speed wireless connection beamed from outer space, so it overcomes the high cost of installing land-based lines. Furthermore, the cost of the PC is continually dropping.

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Re: closing the digital divide? - 03/01/06 03:58 PM

hmm thats interesting that was the last assignment i had to do for my mass communications class online. The assignment was to disscuss the Digital Divide? and who profits from this and who is at a disadvantage because of it.
Posted by: S S MANI

Re: closing the digital divide? - 08/29/06 10:21 AM

No as on date, it is only increasing the divide. For example consider how they value money? All non IT persons are not able to compete with an IT guy even while searching for a house for rent.

In Chennai when a friend of mine wanted to see the orignal documents from seller of a new flat under promotion, the answer was," Why should I show you those things? All IT fellows do not even ask for that and they are prpared to pay the amount I demand" Now what do you say for this?

We know it is not possible for any one to reduce the salries of IT guys. It is more difficult increasing the salry of all others as IT salaries are all inflated and have no relavance to their contribution as a whole. But the Govt can atleast do one thing.

Whenever an IT company wants to buy things they are given concession in ED, ST etc. This can be stopped. In fact they should be charged more. Because IT guys are ready to pay more for everything. This way others can buy at a cheaper price while all IT guys can be forced to pay more. They get American or UK salaries. Let them pay American or UK prices (Except for Cars!)