Were caste based quotas implemented by Convent educated politicians?

Ref.: Luke Warmus, "… caste system, the most systematic and longest, institutional oppression of one group of people by another in human history, …", Feb. 4, 2010 (For Bittu),


I heard a similar ignorant statement about caste system (as above) a few years ago during visit to my ancestral village in Himachal Pradesh.

One afternoon while I was sitting in the sun in front of my house, my neighbor’s young daughter returned from her school. She was studying in grade fifth or sixth at that time in a Convent school in a village several kilometers away. After the usual exchange of “hi” and “hello” between us, she approached me and said if she could ask me a question. I said “yes”.

She seemed to be a bit hesitant while trying to ask me the question, so I was a bit perplexed. Anyway, she finally blurted out, “uncle, is it true that brahmins in the past used to exploit others and sudra?” After hearing her question, I realized her dilemma and nervousness in asking me (having a brahmin surname) that question.

I asked the girl from where she knew that brahmins in the past had exploited others including sudras?

She replied that her teacher had told it in the class that day during Moral Science period.

I enquired from her about the teacher who had given this type of misinformation in the class. She told me the name of her Moral Science teacher who happened to have arrived in the school from Kerala a few years earlier as a Sister (nun).

I assured the little girl that all this talk and lesson in school about abuse and exploitation of others by brahmins in the past was nonsense and even used several examples in support of my answer to her.

In any case, I was left feeling badly about the type of dumb and wrong things being taught to youngsters in English medium Convent run schools about which the parents of these kids probably had no clue or knowledge.

As referred to above, Luke Warmus (another Keralite, like the teacher of my neighbor’s daughter) said the similar thing while generalizing about caste system. This made me think that some people probably are deliberately spreading this type of misinformation about caste system and even educating and training kids to believe in it right from childhood while they attend special (Convent run English medium) elementary / primary schools.

Furthermore, note that many a time people use the excuse for implementation of caste based quotas in education and jobs saying that non-brahmins in the past had been exploited and made to stay behind by brahmins and that it is time now for payback (reverse discrimination -- to give quota benefits to non-brahmins and not brahmins).

Even though the premise (“brahmins exploiting non-brahmins in the past”) in caste based quotas is totally baseless, it appears that the original idea for caste based quotas (supposedly to “correct” the situation for non-brahmins) could have come from people (politicians) who in their childhood had attended the same type of English medium (Convent run) schools as my neighbor’s daughter (or perhaps Luke) and where the teaching of these things (e.g. “brahmins exploiting others and sudra in the past”, etc.) were / are a part of curriculum (in Moral Science etc.).

- Seva
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