Everyone, irrespective of gender, caste, race, religion (faith), is equal in front of God.

Moreover, God’s countless names reflect and correspond to innumerable Divinity attributes (manifested and unmanifested), many crores in numbers (33 crores or 330 million, rhetorically speaking). Yet all those different names stand for one God only (Rig Veda: Book 1, Hymn 164.46).

Similarly, Creation is enormously varied, numbering perhaps in lakhs and lakhs of yonis or species (speaking metaphorically, probably 84 lakhs or 8.4 million). Man (human) is just one part of the creation.

Because of man's superior intellect and great capability to rationalize and chart his own course, his position in this world is considered unique, powerful, privileged and vastly superior to that of other creatures (belonging to rest of the species - lakhs of yonis). This places enormous burden of responsibility on man to be mindful of his actions and decisions so as not to affect the creation and other creatures adversely. Needless to say, there is a shared responsibility in this regard on the part of every man to avoid upsetting the balance of nature, permanently or otherwise, by his actions (decisions).

- Seva (Subhash C. Sharma)