This morning. I had a dream where I meet an English couple they ask me how better I feel in their house. I start by saying I am better, then the baby 2-3 year old tells me to talk about God to her parents. I then talk to the couple about Maha Vishnu. They look like they do not take me seriously or do not understand about the Hindu religion. The baby tells me to ignore them and tells me to close my eyes. I do so and I feel the baby touch her head against my forehead as if to activate my third eye. She tells me that she has passed on the power of her third eye to me. She points to the sky and tell me to point to the sky, close my eyes and say the name of a deity, then pull that energy in your hand down onto the floor in front of you. Then say your prayers either to heal yourself or ask for a boon. After I felt my third eye power, I did what she said and called Shakti and asked her to heal me and protect me for re-incarnations, I then opened my eyes. She appeared in front of me and just then a demon appeared to attack me and she took her sword and chopped off the demon's head and then left me, running in the distance. I asked the baby again is it possible to summon any Hindu deity like this she said yes and also Holy Sages and Gurus. In my wonder I walk away from the house and arrive by the ocean, there are demons and humans are trying not to be caught by the demons. I look at the ocean and think in my head I must not summon Maha Vishnu from the ocean or the world would end. I can hear the demons saying we want the world to end. I wake up thinking this must be a sign as I already got another dream to do with my third eye but never been taught how to use the third eye power.
What can this dream mean?
Any answers would be great