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#73458 - 11/18/06 05:51 AM The reasons why Indians are not afraid of Pakistan or China.
Khorasan Offline

Registered: 09/25/06
Posts: 12
We Indians are not afraid of the Pakistanis or Chinese for the following reasons:
Firstly the Pakistanis are actually just Indian Muslims. Infact they are just Punjabi muslims calling themselves Pakistanis. If it makes this Indian muslims calling themselves Pakistanis happy then why not because we dont care. This Punjabi muslims are angry with India because they got only the deserts and the dry lakes and we got the green fields and rivers. We Indians told them not to worry and get upset and just join back with our motherland India but they get angry and start to call us names etc. We Indians dont need to fight any nuclear war or battles with our younger pakistani brother because we are the same race afterall. So when the pakistanis get too angry we Indians just turn off the water supply and the Pakistanis cool down again. So it is a love hate relationship between us Indians and our Indian muslim brothers who like to call themselves Pakistani.

Now the Chinese especially the Han chinese have always been our eastern neighbours. we indians like chinese food especially their steam fish and rice and we love their women who are pretty and very homely. they make for good wives unlike our indian girls who are wild and strong stallions. In fact even the Han chinese men look like girls because they are small and have no hair. So we Indians dont consider the chinese as a warrior race. The Han chinese are claiming Tibet and Xinjiang as theirs but we indians really dont recognise that. We have told the Han chinese not to spread themselves too thin because history has shown the poor Han chinese always get knocked-out by the Mongolians, the Tibetans and the Turkmans, and the Manchus, the Koreans and the japanese. Then we indians have to help the poor han chinese who always get a TKO (technical knock-out). In fact we all have a good laugh when the chinese claim our arunachal pradesh as belonging to them. We want the Han chinese to relax and dont get involved in military matters. They should concentrate in making chinese food and noodles and make cheap plastic toys etc. So we want the chinese to relax and enjoy life.

#73459 - 12/06/06 11:32 PM Re: The reasons why Indians are not afraid of Pakistan or China. [Re: Khorasan]
Galactic_Command Offline

Registered: 11/25/06
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A Stallion is a male horse , sometimes refered to teenage boys.

Political realities and Islamic fundamentalism which is actualy a Virus prevent harmony.

India has a lot of reasons to be wary of Pakistan and China. The four Wars we have fought so far still haven't solved any of the problems.


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