i was waiting for my bus in cleveland and i asked the young man waiting if the boss came yet and he said no. After we had a long conversation about school (he is going to the same school as me) we got on the bus. He had a very thick accent he was from Gujatar (Sp?) its west in India and told me he was going for his masters degree studying computer science. Eventually i had to ask him. I had anticipated his reply to my question about his religion would be: "Im Hindu." But it wasnt. He told me he was Jain. I told him what little knowledge i knew about the religion and made a casual reference to this site. I told him that unfortuantely there isnt any Jain Temples in Cleveland. He told me there is one in New York. Its werid. You never know who you will run into if you dont ask. Tuesday i am meeting him so that he can use me as a reference for a job that he is applying for. It should be interesting ill keep you guys update if your curious.

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