Many christians are becoming moderators and administrators in reputed websites in India and are misusing the same to attack Hinduism and propagate their own religion covertly and overtly.As a Hindu,who is interested in the survival of this ancient,fascinating and magnificent religion,I am concerned.Needless to add,there will be many Hindus,who may be feeling like me.
The threads started by them read;-
1.Why I am not a Hindu.
2.Bad manners of Indians.(In this Hindu dress and customs are attacked,and western ones praised1)
4.Marketing strategy Of Vatican
When the atrocities of their religion and their followers are pointed out,the e-mail,of the person is blocked,thus banning him/her.
How to counter this menace?
India is a secular nation.How to make the Government of India,take action on these,non-secular people,who get away with anything?