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#72835 - 07/14/06 12:43 PM spineless,is it what we ve become?
swingster31 Offline

Registered: 07/14/06
Posts: 2
Sometimes they send beheaded bodies of our country man. other times they plants bombs (the link is in the block letters)
whoes sharpnells shred the bodies of innocent citizens when they hang out to have a goodtime after working
hard disintregates the limbs of innocent men women who unmindfull of these nerds design clangs onto local trains
to go about earning bread for thier families . most among us sings praises by pointing'" the remarkable spirits" of
the people as they go about thier works .doesnt any fire of anguish flickers in our soul the fire set on bieng repeatedly
victimised when we dont have any direct confortation with any one, doesnt our soul screams in anguish when we see the
horrific carnage left over of mutialated bodies of children our children indias children ,if not then shut the the crap on the so called bombay or indian spirit of forgetting and moving forward .agreed thats quite resonable proposition once twice but
again and again and again ? doesnot this silent acceptence of these demonic carnage smells of impotency . it bloody well does
so spineless we have became that when other states hit back in retaliation of the terror inflicted on them.we sit around in front of english electronic media betacams and lecture how inhumanly the concerned (hitting back) state is acting when they
bombs the nerds hiding in holes to dark ages, silently we know that we would have loved to do something simmillar but
.....well certain "obligations are there" read goddamme vote banks. no , we cannot cut the hands of those who butcher our people because some of those hands are needed every 5 years to keep power hungry jackels in power
NO , not in any way i m suggesting that we should turn like these butchers and go on a demonic retaliation spree
,that we can not do , its not in our culture and religion , but what we can do is to make life miserable for a
happy go lucky govt and make them force in and get the rascals from within where they are hidding , and svevere
the hands that feeds them shelter them and arms them. WE turn into voice of society at the drop of the hat for
things like water shortage, power bust off, reservations(how very meserable that thing is ) spectcled intellectual and
youths talks on talk shows about "govt appathy in primary education'", " preserving secular values"( read pro minority anti majority values) but at same breadth these morons never takes the govt to task for going soft on the traitors within the nation
traitors swarming every breadth of our beloved country, they feel ashame on being indian when gujrat happens
but never feel so because the dawwods, sallauddins and shakkels are alive and kicking when they should have been six feet under with holes in thier head from indian bullets

no mate its enough i am too tired to go on and my pathatic english is getting into my nerves and YES I SPLIT VENOM

#72836 - 07/17/06 06:35 PM Re: spineless,is it what we ve become? [Re: swingster31]
Adwait Kulkarni Offline

Registered: 05/29/06
Posts: 11
My friend. I as well share you sense of outrage at the carnage in Mumbai. However, some points to consider. When the Shiv Sena party member's wife's statue was defaced - there was a riot in Mumbai as a result of that. This is the terrible ill of our times. Legitimate issues are not being tackled and instead there is generally immature behaviour from the so called leaders. If you want an answer to why there is no progress in bringing the criminals to justice - you need look no further than the corrupt government and complacent law enforcement agencies. Some notable examples being Laloo Prasad Yadav - who in any sane country would be in jail for stealing millions from public coffers. Or Mr. Bal Tackeray, whose birthday was widely advertised on banners and festoons throughout Maharashtra - spending God knows how much money, where elsewhere in the same state poor farmers are eating pesticide to escape their debt. There is totally irresponsible governance in India and you can see the effects in the creaking infrastructure and overall poor state of public services. So is it any surprise that security is lax?

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#72837 - 12/22/06 12:43 PM Re: spineless,is it what we ve become? [Re: swingster31]
pondybaba Offline

Registered: 08/24/05
Posts: 1
Alaas ! I feel shame to say that we can't do anything as right from the begining since Alexander , invaders are invading us and we due to our self differances and inability to device even a single effective strategy (Except Maurya's and Gupta's) always loose. first Alexander and other greeks,then huns,shakas,sythians,Arabs,Turks,Afghans, Iranians ,Europians , then china all invaded us looted us due to absence of any effective starategy.Now pakistan and Bangaladesh are doing the same thing just always keep us bleeding, bleeding and bleeding.No political party or leader is willing to solve the terrrorism or Jehadism,Just busy in filling there pockets.Sometimes I think Naxals are better than them as atleast they are exercising succesful startegy and ultimately killing there corrupt officials and Politicians. Please Pardon me if I said something wrong.I feel very sad that we can't do anything as people are not proactive and able youths are not interested in the Politics and otehr country affairs thus paving ways for the corrupt and bad person to capture the politics...and cotinue our country to remain in cancerous situation


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