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#61187 - 09/02/04 05:07 AM Hinduism a threat???
Kalel Offline

Registered: 02/24/04
Posts: 54
Loc: USA
Please read this link and tell me that I'm not on my own planet for thinking this is absurd Christian propaganda. How could anyone ever think Hinduism is a threat? What wars have been fought in its name? Please read the articles on Hinduism and reply only after you've read them.. Thanks.
Cheers, Kalel

#61188 - 03/10/05 03:33 AM Re: Hinduism a threat??? [Re: Kalel]
Knight Offline

Registered: 02/25/04
Posts: 22
Loc: Leicester/Edinburgh, United Ki...
You're not the only one. I suspect its cause is insecurity and paranoia. Hinduism in general doesn't try and convert... and it certainly isn't construed as a perfect opposition to christianity. This sort of xenaphobic mentality is ignorant and unfortunate. Christian beleif in the devil and evil as completely seperate from God makes it possible for them to extrapolate and brand anything they percieve as a threat: evil.

Why they percieve hinduism as a particular threat is anyones guess. Maybe its the inherent good they percieve in it which frightens them and makes them doubt in their 'one true path'. Convincing yourself that hinduism is inherently wrong and therefore christianity is as it says it is: the one true path must be some sort of re-assurence. Although for me: if you read between the lines, the articles merely highlight the short comings of orthodox christianty; mainly its inability to understand and and its unwillingness to accept other beleifs and practices.

#61189 - 05/19/05 12:58 AM Re: Hinduism a threat??? [Re: Knight]

How can hinduism be a threat? Hinduism doesnt convert people and doesnt create terrorists. Christian hatred towards hinduism is ignorant and not provable.

#61190 - 06/22/05 07:58 AM Re: Hinduism a threat???

hindism?? fine if some one want to follow hinduism which caste
he/she have to adopt.......

#61191 - 02/27/06 02:10 AM Re: Hinduism a threat???


hindism?? fine if some one want to follow hinduism which caste
he/she have to adopt.......

No caste is given after you take up hinduism. hinduism and caste has no relevance . but the caste system is something that happened in the society.

#61192 - 02/27/06 11:44 PM Re: Hinduism a threat??? [Re: Kalel]
MananAtma Offline

Registered: 01/19/06
Posts: 10
Loc: Pennsylvania, USA
Hinduism is a threat, but not for the reasons they claim. Hinduism encourages tolerance and discovery, it is a living religion that grows and changes with the times. Hinduism makes sense. It encourages you to find your own way. It teachs that we are all beloved children of God, not just a select few. Hindus preach love, and for the most part, they actually practice what they preach!

This constant open mindedness goes against everything christianity preachs! Christians are taught that they are superior, that thier over simplified dogmatic religion is the only true way. Hinduism challanges that view point and scares them!

The youth of today are no longer willing to believe in what mom and dad do just because they say so. Kids today want to know "why" and "because I said so" is no longer an acceptable answer. So these kids go looking for a religion that makes sense, and thier parents are scared to death thier kids will find Hinduism, like I did.

All this scares the religion that only has dogma, bigotry, self righteousness, and hate to offer.



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