This line of observation seems to be present in various discussion forums. I am attaching my post from Dharmic vs Adharmic from the General discussion thread

"While we seem to have a common understanding on the world religions, we do not seem to know what to do next.

As Shanthi point out, as a Hindu, the issue is Islam and Christianity deep down are anti-Hindu, in the sense they want only their 'true' religion to exist. Given that we have this "The truth is one, sages call it by many names" World is one family view, how do we deal this. Do we be tolerant to intolerance. Or do we be intolerant to intolerance. Currently you are sitting in a pretty place and are probably not threatened. But look at Kashmir or the northeast, or Paksitan and Bangladesh for that matter, wherever Hindus are in a minority, they have been wiped out.
Do we just wait for them to "succeed" and islamise or christanise India ?

I dont think anybody in this thread is giving this good thought. You are given your opinion about religions, but how do you deal with this from the context of a Hindu "