No as on date, it is only increasing the divide. For example consider how they value money? All non IT persons are not able to compete with an IT guy even while searching for a house for rent.

In Chennai when a friend of mine wanted to see the orignal documents from seller of a new flat under promotion, the answer was," Why should I show you those things? All IT fellows do not even ask for that and they are prpared to pay the amount I demand" Now what do you say for this?

We know it is not possible for any one to reduce the salries of IT guys. It is more difficult increasing the salry of all others as IT salaries are all inflated and have no relavance to their contribution as a whole. But the Govt can atleast do one thing.

Whenever an IT company wants to buy things they are given concession in ED, ST etc. This can be stopped. In fact they should be charged more. Because IT guys are ready to pay more for everything. This way others can buy at a cheaper price while all IT guys can be forced to pay more. They get American or UK salaries. Let them pay American or UK prices (Except for Cars!)