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Sri Krishna Janmaashtami
Sri Krishna Janmaashtami
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The Parallels between the Life-Stories of Lord Sri-Krishna and Lord Jesus Christ

In passing it may be mentioned that some scholars see parallels between Krishna's life and that of Jesus Christ. They point out that the birth of both Krishna and Christ was foretold, they were both destined to bring harm upon the reigning king who were Kansa in the case of Krishna and Herod in the case of Christ. Both Herod and Kansa tried to kill their would be avengers. Both Herod and Kansa failed. The reasons for the failure were that the God-child was whisked away to a far away place, Christ to Egypt and Krishna to Gokul. Also that some other innocent children were killed by mistaking them for the God-child.

And finally, the similarity in the names Krishna and Christ makes these scholars claim that Isa (Jesus) Christ is actually Esha Krishna and that Christianity originated in India and was founded by Krishna. And that word Christianity, they say, is a corruption of the original word Krishnaniti (the Code of Krishna). These claims are substantiated by the reported absence of Jesus from Biblical record for 12 years during his lifetime when he is supposed to have come to India in Kashmir and have studied under Buddhist Bhikkus from where Christianity takes its missionary aspects. But the question still remains of Radha who is not mentioned in the Bible and of the sixteen thousand Gopis of Lord Sri-Krishna. Hence, for everything that these scholars say, their romantic and controversial theory could as well be baseless imagination built around a few co-incidences.

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This material taken from Hindu History by Sudheer Birodkar Please visit his site on Hindu History.

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