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Why are Flowers offered to the God during Puja?
Puja itself means "flower offering." It symbolizes the natural opening of the heart to the Divine the way a flower naturally unfolds its petals. Pujas are to be done with the same purity, openness, receptivity and innocence, a spontaneous updwelling of our innate love of life.
The seers saw in this flower offering the natural form of worship, nature's ultimate expression of love of God, and they sought to embody it in our human lives. Flowers are relatively new comers to evolution and parallel the evolution of mammals. They are the vegetable kingdom's counterpart of devotion. Hence they link us up to the aspiration of Nature herself, to the Divine's seeking of the Divine in its own creative play.

Source : http://hindubooks.org/authors/david_frawley/riverheaven/page55.htm
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2000-Oct-17 9:46am
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