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Why do we Invoke God before Puja and Bid God Farewell at the end?
Puja is broadly divided into three major parts :
Frst, the worshiper formally invokes God(Avahana),
The the worshiper serves God with various ritual acts (Upacara) and

Finally, Bids God farewell (Visarjana).
'How can God be made to come and go? Is God not always present'?
The answer is-God is always present, but what comes and goes is the modification in the mind of the worshipper. To invoke the Lord is a direction not to Him, but to the worshipper himself to understand that God is there. The worshipper informs or reminds himself/herself that the Lord is present. Similarly, bidding the Lord depart means that the mind of the worshipper is withdrawing itself from God.
Source : http://hindubooks.org/essence_of_hinduism/hindu_rituals_and_myths

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