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Why do we chant Shaanti three times at the end of the prayer?
To invoke peace, at a mental and physical plane, Hindus chant prayers. These prayers always end with three chants of invocation, "Shaanti, Shaanti, Shaanti" or "Peace, Peace Peace" chant prayers. These prayers spoken in sincerity, gives peace of mind. But, why chat Shaanti three times?

The three repetitions are addressed to three groups into which all obstacles can be classifies -

1. Cosmic ( God sent ) or Heavenly - From Nature, the thermic or dynamic forces such as wraths from unknown objects earth quake, lightning, excessive rain, cold. In Samskrit, this is called Aadhidaivika.

2. Phenomenal or cruelties from From objects like floods, fire, robbers, wild beasts, objects known to us. environmental disturbances like human foes, etc. In Sanskrit, this is called Aadhibhautika.

3. Purely subjective ie created Body ailments, inertia, insincerity, lack of concentration, from our own selves - obstacles agitation of mind, disturbances arising from our own arising from our own mind, body negative thoughts. and intellect. In Sanskrit, this is called Aadhyaatmika.

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2000-Oct-15 9:12pm webmaster@hindunet.org

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2000-Oct-15 9:12pm
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