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Why is the Sanctum Sanctorum in a Hindu temple small and dark?
Usually the gateway to a temple will be a massive and magnificent construction. When we stand in front of it we are made to feel so insignificant before the Lord of the universe ! As we proceed inwards leaving behind the grand carvings and decorations of the outside, we notice that the sanctum sanctorum itself is small and dark. We can have the darshan of the Lord only when a light is lit up and waved before Him. This indicates that we have to leave the grand external world outside, direct our minds inward, light up the lamp of knowledge there and behold the Lord within the sanctum sanctorum of our hearts.

Source : http://www.hindubooks.org/wehwk/ch9.htm

2000-Oct-15 8:12pm webmaster@hindunet.org

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2000-Oct-15 8:12pm
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