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What is caste system?
The caste system was an important part of the Hindu way of life. During the Vedic age a social classification system called Varnashrama was devised so that the human race could have a smooth and ordered life in society.

The system created the castes of Brahmins, the intellectual class, Kshatriyas, the warrior class, Vaishyas, the trader class and Shudras, the service people. Don't you see that every society has a need for teachers and/or preachers, defense, trade and commerce, and service even today? Our forefathers realized this need for order in society even then.

Of course, the original concept of social order has been abused over the ages into its present mutilated form. The original caste system also supported the moving of individuals from one caste to another based on one's actions and performance in society.
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Originiall the caste is created based on the work they are doing.
Ex: Brahmans will do pooja works in the Temples.
    Kshatriya will do Saving the people and rajya. 
    Vysays will do business.
    Naayi Brahmans  - Hair Cutting. 
    Gouds - Preparing Alcohol like drinks. 
    Kamsali - Preparing Gold Items. 
    Dhanvanthari - Doctors.
Like this there are so many castes in so many areas.
The untouchability is brought by the Foreighn Invastion especially by Muslim/Mughal Invasion. Initially there was no Toilet system in Bharat Khandam. People used to answer the nature calls in the out side only. As Muslim ladies dont want to do the same. They have constructed some Toilets which needs to be replaced. Some low class people have been used to do these things. As they are doing dirty work they have kept aside by the Muslims. The same thing is used in the Hindus slowly. That became untouchablility. As per Vedas/any Puranas there is no untouchablity.
In the Current trend, the Caste is used for Politics purpose. The politicians are using the term Caste to seperate the People and cash the Vote Bank. As per the current trends there should not be any word with teh Caste is to be present in any of the Government Documents starting from school documents. If at all caste is required the castes should be as follwows:
1. Farmers. 2. Software Engineers. 3. Doctors. 4. Lawyers. 5. Actors. 6. Maiden Workers. 7. Tailors. 8. Teachers. 9 .Poojaris. 10.Barbers. 11.Business Men. so on... depending on the work they are doing.
When the Caste is completely removed from the Govt. Document there will be no fighting etc. If at all reservation is required, that has to be done completely based on the Economic status.

2004-Nov-29 4:31am deep123vuppala@yahoo.com
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2004-Nov-29 4:31am
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