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'About Tamil Pride,' Say Hindus, Muslims, Christians Backing Jallikattu - NDTV
Nitish govt is insensitive towards festivals of Hindus: Sushil Modi on Patna boat mishap ​ - The New Indian Express
Faith in Tuscaloosa series: Hindu student talks beliefs, misconceptions - The Crimson While
Angry Hindus call for courts to send message to FB racists - Times LIVE
Hindu community urges California schools to recognize Diwali holiday - The Turlock Journal
Jaipur Lit Fest: Taslima Nasreen Bats for Uniform Civil Code, Says It's Necessity for India - News18
Hindus seek Diwali holiday in all 1025 California public school districts - Lake County News
'Spray-painting' FB group creating anxiety among Hindus - Malaysiakini (subscription)
Pasadena Hindu Temple Hosts Ancient Harvest Festival Celebration on Saturday - Pasadena Now
Our Diversity: Hindus push for schools statewide to observe Diwali ... - Stockton Record

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